Menasha Debuts PharmaTailing™ a Vision 2026 Spotlight at Total Store Expo

July 30, 2015

Menasha Packaging has been invited to be a featured exhibitor at Vision 2026 during the NACDS Total Store Expo in Denver, Colorado August 22-25. They will be debuting their innovative program PharmaTailing™ at #V2026 Booth 6.

PharmaTailing™ is a merchandising platform developed to improve a patient’s experience, increase top line sales for health care retailers and close the knowledge gap between pharmacists and - front of store items.
In the new retail health care path to purchase , pharmacists have the greatest amount of interaction with patients and, according to the American Pharmacist Association, seventy-nine percent of patients follow product recommendations from their pharmacists. Based on this logic, Menasha built PharmaTailing™ to put the pharmacist at the core of patient care.

“Pharmacists are being asked to take a more active role in overall patient care for both Medication Therapy Management and symptom management. We are going to give them tools to be a better practitioner for patients and an opportunity for retailers to start recovering some of the lower revenues and off-set pharmacy margin pressure thought gains in the front of store.” said Paul Murphy, Senior Director of Retail Sales and New Business Development.

The vision for PharmaTailing™ began after Menasha identified a needs gap in health care retail carved out by the advent of the Affordable Care Act. Pharmacists need tools to help them manage patient care, especially as far as recommending items from the front of the store that can deliver important therapeutic value to patients.
Menasha, an industry leader in managing RX to OTC switches, has partnered with Shelfbucks to make it possible for pharmacists to quickly and securely  link to  patient health records, discuss symptom therapy management and make front-of-store product recommendations from curated content.