Apr 14, 2017

The Race to Retail is on! What’s Your Formula for Success?

Today’s retail environment is fierce. You need to not only out-think your competition, you need to out-quick them, too. Brand managers, supply chain managers, strategic procurement professionals, and merchandising promotional managers are all heavily invested in the race, and they’re looking for an edge.
Menasha provides an unlimited advantage. Yes, you get a smooth ride that increases sales while reducing costs. But just as valuable, you receive the expert guidance of a reliable team that uncovers opportunities at every step, extends your marketplace position, and leverages decades of experience with the world’s leading retailers and CPGs.
Let’s break down what Menasha is packing under the hood: a high-performance, big-block “V8 engine” delivering these 8 benefits.
1. Superior Support—We measure our success by your success. Menasha becomes an extension of your brand, and we're with you every step of the way, ready to make adjustments and provide solutions as conditions and requirements change. Because we know your brand objectives, we’re personally connected to your success, and we're able to offer solutions that win.

2. Closer Connections—Menasha’s key inside information and our proprietary activation tools bridge the gap between retailers and CPG companies. Our retail and category insights—true eye-openers and difference-makers—lead to retail sales and connect you with shoppers like never before.

3. Better Execution—We drive smart structural and dynamic design to deliver better in-store execution both on- and off-shelf. In-store labor is reduced with quick fill and instant interchange, increasing supply chain efficiency. The Menasha team builds the right retail ready merchandising vehicles for you: solutions that stop traffic, crave attention, and move product to the cart.

4. Reduced Costs, Increased Speed-To-Market—Partner with an expert at Menasha and get a full assessment of your merchandising supply chain, including unique solutions that optimize and provide cost savings. When you require speed-to-market and fresh design ideas for better positioning and increased revenues, look to Menasha to get you there quicker.

5. One-Stop Sourcing—Our manufacturing skills (full printing, converting, specialty gluing and finishing, state-of-the-art corrugators) deliver all of your packaging and merchandising needs by utilizing industry-leading technologies, equipment, and processes. Shoppers will connect with your brand like never before, and you’ll appreciate our comprehensive, end-to-end, and fast solutions.

6. Comprehensive Coordination—Stay ahead of the curve with rapid response-to-market solutions, from Rx-to-OTC switch programs to promotional repacks. We unite your products with our materials and services, including contract packaging and assembly, kitting, and fulfillment. The result? Lower costs, increased speed, and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

7. Better Quality, Competitive Prices—When it comes to distribution/logistics and optimizing the supply chain process, your goals are our goals. Our simplification of customization maximizes retail supply chain efficiency, and we do it by optimizing total product, service, and logistics costs. After all, the finish line must have a great bottom line.

8. Peace Of Mind—We’re fully accountable, delivering on our agreements and reporting on key performance indicators. Our promises and agreements are backed by scorecards and performance reports. If you want a reliable, trusting relationship reinforced by bottom-line results, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with a Menasha partnership.

Yes, Menasha is the industry’s largest independent, retail-focused packaging and merchandising solutions provider. And sure, we’ve won our share of national and international industry awards. Yet, what makes us most proud is helping our customers win at retail. Like racing, it’s in our blood, and it’s why we go beyond the expected.

When you need to protect, move, and promote products faster and better than ever before, take that journey with Menasha. Get on-shelf fast, increase efficiency, reduce in-store effort, maximize retail ready solutions, and deliver better in-store experiences. Menasha is the vehicle that gets you to the ultimate checkered flag.