Oct 07, 2015

New Report Addresses Best Practices in Retail-Product Packaging

Take a spin through the Best Practices in Retail-Product Packaging industry report. The Path to Purchase Institute and Menasha collaborated on this report, which addresses some of the design, shopper communication and project management challenges posed by a very special category of packaging; retail-product packaging.
This report takes the form of an extended Q&A with Scott Young, one of the industry’s foremost packaging experts and a pioneer in the use of research technologies such as eye-tracking, facial coding and virtual shopping.
Some of the highlights found from this research include:

  • Shoppers only give new products five to 10 seconds of consideration, so effective retail-product packaging must quickly and clearly communicate exactly what they are buying.
  • A negative correlation is shown between an overly busy in-store communication and a shopper’s interest in engaging with it.
  • Branding provides consumers with short cuts that make shopping easier, so consistency and continuity in visual appearance is a hallmark of successful retail-product packaging.

These highlights are just the start! There is plenty more great insight where this came from, so be sure to check out the full report.

If you are interested in learning more about the report and the research service used, visit Perception Research Services and Path to Purchase Institute.