Menasha to Host Walmart Merchandising Workshop

September 09, 2014

Menasha’s Bentonville Design Center is hosting a Walmart In-Store Merchandising Workshop to provide expertise and resources for successful in-store merchandising at Walmart. The event will be held on September 17 at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark.

The invite-only workshop will feature presentations by Walmart merchandising personnel and Menasha design experts, focusing on visual merchandising, innovation and execution, design and shopper activation to help brand marketers.

“This workshop provides the opportunity for our valued customers to have key personnel from Walmart offer instructional insights for merchandising techniques that meet their standards and their targets for creativity,” said Kerry Bailey, Menasha’s Senior Director of Walmart\Sam’s Club Global Support Team. “This event brings together the suppliers, Menasha and the key influencers from Walmart to drive innovation in a collaboration that can benefit the brand and the shopper as we develop creative ways to activate shoppers.”

Menasha Packaging, a featured provider of in-store merchandising solutions for Walmart suppliers, launched a “MAP” (i.e., a Merchandising Activation Process) to Walmart, which outlines compliance steps endorsed by Walmart for in-store merchandising. The “MAP” showcases Menasha’s efforts to supply end-to-end merchandising solutions to brand marketers.

Menasha’s Bentonville Design Center is located in Beau Terre office park and is easily accessible for supplier teams to work hands-on as they develop merchandising concepts.