Oct 20, 2014

Menasha, Shelfbucks Launch First iBeacon 'Smart Displays'

Shoppers, brands and retailers will benefit from the 1:1 engagement that smart displays create in-store. It’s a Win, Win, Win for everyone!

Here’s a quick summary of how smart displays work.

Displays will actively engage with shoppers by providing promotions, product information and more delivered to the shoppers via their mobile devices.

Brands will be able to provide shoppers with timely and relevant brand content at the critical point of purchase moment. Displays will allow brands to establish and measure against performance metrics. Based on the data, promotional content can be modified or optimized online.

Retailers can improve shopper’s in-store experience by offering promotions and product information as shoppers navigate stores, increasing basket size and shopper store loyalty. Smart displays also allow retailers to track the program traffic and conversions.

Read the full press release announcing the partnership or additional information on Shelfbucks.