Menasha Packaging Facility Recognized by American Institute of Baking

May 07, 2014

For the seventh consecutive year, Menasha Packaging’s Food Packaging facility, located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, has been recognized by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) International.

The Food Packaging facility recently underwent a full-day assessment where it was evaluated based on the AIB’s Consolidated Standards for Inspection relating to Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facilities. The facility produces cake circles and pads for use with bakery items, among other food-related items.

“We continuously work to ensure our customers that we are providing them with clean, safe products since they will ultimately be in contact with food,” says Deborah Long, Quality Manager for Menasha Packaging’s Western Pennsylvania Complex. “Being recognized by the American Institute of Baking provides further assurance to our customers that we have policies and procedures in place around food safety and quality.”

The AIB and its Good Manufacturing Processes criteria are based on current federal guidelines and industry best practices. Passing the assessment confirms that a facility has good manufacturing processes in place, and that it can provide clean, food-safe packaging products.

AIB auditors specifically evaluate the following areas: Operational Methods and Personnel Practices, Maintenance for Food Safety, Cleaning Practices, Integrated Pest Management, and Adequacy of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs.