Menasha Blasts Off with Launch Kits at Total Store Expo 2016

July 28, 2016

The company will also feature its signature digital in-store platform Smart Displays and signage.
NEENAH, Wis. - Menasha will blast off a new campaign for their launch kit product during the NACDS Total Store Expo August 6-9, 2016. The company, known for their innovative end-to-end merchandising solutions, will also be featuring their revolutionary in-store digital merchandising platform, Smart Displays, and in-store signage  (Booth #2870).

Launch Kits Blast Off
A launch kit is a multi-functional, 3D marketing execution that helps companies educate, activate, and communicate to prospective customers. Menasha has a reputation for retail-focused packaging and merchandising solutions, has experienced a surge in interest in launch kits, which stand out from digital-based marketing tactics.
“There’s still something magical about receiving a box,” said Paul Murphy, Menasha’s Senior Director of Retail Sales and New Business Development. “Online executions, websites, and interactive methods are definitely popular and effective,” he said. “But, getting a well-designed box is mysterious and provocative. It can’t be ignored, which is rare in a world oversaturated with advertising,” Murphy added.
A launch kit’s first task is to educate the recipient. A properly designed box has plenty of space to share the product’s attributes as well as include brochures, sell sheets, and other information-packed materials. Even product samples can be included, if appropriate.
Next, a launch kit activates the recipient to respond. A cohesive presentation of intriguing copy and eye-catching graphics proves to be a powerful motivator for many who receive it. This is a marketing execution that lends itself to more in-depth messaging than most other tactics.
Finally, the launch kit clearly communicates the brand’s story. Recipients are more involved, so they’re willing to spend time taking in the copy, photos, and graphics. Plus, it’s more likely to be shared with others, who ultimately may influence future decisions.
“Launch kits are extremely effective at starting the sales process,” Murphy said. “We’ve found nothing is more powerful out of the gate than a launch kit. It makes a memorable first impression and instantly begins selling,” he explained.
Menasha brings industry insight and marketing expertise to each launch kit they design. And, it starts at the very beginning, with early, critical decisions that help guide a smooth process. Menasha takes pride in offering unmatched speed-to-market delivery, with all tasks being handled in-house.
“Launch kits will be an eye-opener at Total Store Expo for many in the pharmaceutical industry,” Murphy said. “Launch kits can really help achieve some impressive results,” he said.
Smart Displays Make For Smarter Merchandising
Smart Displays reinvent in-store merchandising by creating the industry’s first smart POP display. In partnership with Shelfbucks, Smart Displays allow brand managers to track the entire life cycle of their merchandising display for comprehensive insights and detailed recommendations for program improvement. With this information, brand managers can make important merchandising decisions such as decreasing poor performing programs and increasing high-performing programs. This information also can lead to valuable increased time-on-selling-floor.
“Smart Displays can customize and personalize the retail experience to fit the shopper,” said Murphy. “This amazing technology is truly the future of retail.”
In addition to gathering important shopper data, Smart Displays give brand managers and retailers the opportunity to share information with shoppers at the critical point-of-purchase. Using the retailer’s mobile app, shoppers can easily opt-in to receive coupons, product reviews, and other branded content to create an interactive and measurable experience.
Communicate with In-Store Signage
In the retail environment signage sells. Menasha’s retail signage experts will be on hand at TSE 2016 to discuss the latest trends in signage and how to command a shopper’s attention and put customized assortments in the spotlight.